Bayer Garden thinking ahead for its customers

Always alert to the needs and wishes of its customers, Bayer Garden has developed and is now launching a replacement for the Sodium Chlorate weedkiller preparation – Long Lasting Ground Clear.

Tommy Gill, Head of Bayer Garden, explained: “Well known and popular, Sodium Chlorate is to be taken off the market shortly and so customers will naturally be looking for an alternative.  We recognised this and, mindful of our slogan ‘We Can Help’, we have already focused our resources on developing Long Lasting Ground Clear – a new residual weedkiller that delivers total weed control.”

Available in 2009, Long Lasting Ground Clear is applied using Bayer Garden’s unique Simple Soluble Sachet technology.  The single dose sachets dissolve easily in water in just seconds, eliminating the need for the customer to touch or measure the product.  This technology was tried and tested last year with the launch of Bayer Garden’s Path Weedkiller Concentrate and proved extremely popular with customers. 

As a consequence of this success, Bayer Garden has now expanded the application of the Simple Soluble Sachet technology and it will be available on two new Advanced Weedkillers being launched for 2009 as well as on Long Lasting Ground Clear.

Long Lasting Ground Clear will be available in Bayer Garden’s new clearer pack design, which has been developed following feedback from customers. 

Tommy Gill continued: “Shoppers make their purchase decisions at the shelf in just eight seconds so it’s important the benefits and methods of use are apparent with no more than a glance.  Using feedback from our customers we have achieved just this – our new pack design uses clear imagery so anyone looking for total weed control from a product that it’s incredibly easy to use will see in an instant that Long Lasting Ground Clear is the one for them.”