Bayer Garden makes shopping easier for rose lovers

Any rose lover will tell you roses are well worth the care and attention they need to grow well. So why until now has it been so difficult for gardeners to find the products they need to care for their roses when visiting their local retailer? 
To find answers, Bayer Garden looked into consumer shopping habits and examined the way rose care products were laid out on the shelf.
The results revealed that consumers are often confused as to where to look for rose care products when in store.
Ian Overson, category manager for Bayer Garden, says: “Roses are one of the most purchased plants in the UK and as such deserve to have a dedicated category based on main consumer needs.  Currently products are placed either with plant feeds or fungicides, making it difficult for customers to find what they are looking for on the shelf.” 
The solution requires retailers and suppliers to work together to make life easier for shoppers.  This includes making modifications to products and the way they are displayed. To capitalise on the opportunity, Bayer Garden has revitalised its offering for the 2009 season. The tried and trusted Multirose 3in1 has been re-launched. It now includes foliar and has benefited from shrink sleeve technology in green and gold to instantly boost recognition at the shelf.  Toprose packs have also been modernised and will carry the Royal National Rose Society endorsement from January 2009. 
Further investment in packaging has meant the Multirose Concentrate has been re-introduced to the market in a new generation bottle with a drain back mechanism and a measuring device integral to the cap, giving improved safety and ease of use.
Ian Overson continues: “I’m confident these changes will facilitate retailers in making some small shelf changes that will help consumers shopping for rose care and boost sales in the process.”