Award winning garden centre chooses Red Cherry Shop Fittings

Castle Gardens, award winners of the Garden Centre Association Christmas Display competition, have retained Red Cherry to supply their new store shelving. Red Cherry use the very best supplier -Tegometall, who’s product has long proved to be the one that really stands up to the rigors of constant use with safety. ‘ Tegometall shelving has been used in the industry for years’, says Michael Bridgeman, ‘ it really stands up to the job and will take substantial weight. We recommend it 100% for safety and quality’.

‘People look for the very best value for their hard earned cash, however, when it comes to safety it doesn’t pay to buy cheap’ he says, ‘Suppliers from places like china have been selling into the UK and in many cases the product only looks like it fits when in reality it’s a poor copy’. Red Cherry offer a free consultation and design service so that customers can properly asses what they need before commitment.

Red Cherry Shop Fittings        

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