All the right signs for Eden Gardens

Eden Gardens, an Australian destination home and garden improvement retailer, is implementing Retail Enterprise SuiteTM from global information technology services company, Episys to produce high quality signage to boost promotional effectiveness and customer communications.
The Retail Enterprise Suite from Episys will allow Eden Gardens to create signage with product information, including product images and clear pricing, delivering a consistent message.  Once a template has been designed it can be used for as many products as required without further effort.  This template based approach makes it easy to generate signage for special promotions, events and large price change promotions.
Episys was selected because Eden Gardens knew they had a proven track record to deliver results with high quality customer service level. Caroline Lord, Marketing Manager, Eden Gardens, said: “I had worked with Episys in my previous role at The Co-operative Group in the UK and they delivered great results.  I knew that they would understand our requirements and provide a solution with the scalability to support our growth plans.”
Peter Lewis, Marketing Director, Episys, said: “We are delighted to welcome Eden Gardens as a customer.  Episys are passionate about customer satisfaction, and we’re delighted that our reputation for this has travelled to the other side of the world.  The Episys Retail Enterprise Suite will allow Eden Gardens to optimise their signage operations to maximise the benefits of reduced costs, increased efficiency, enhanced customer service and sales uplift by implementing a signage system that integrates with their back office systems to enable signage to be delivered automatically in the right format, in the right size in the right quantity in the right order on the right day showing the right price.”
Episys’ Retail Enterprise Suite facilitates retailers to migrate to integrated systems to optimise management of signage information sent to stores. This enables retailers to reduce costs, improve efficiency of store associates and schedule promotions more timely and frequently to increase sales. By integrating the signage system with their inventory system, retailers no longer print or display signage for stores that don’t stock the product or have no stock. With less time required for administration tasks in store, store associates can spend more time with customers and improve their shopping experience.
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