Alexander Rose Ltd receives takeover offer from the Roda Group based in Bolivia.

Alexander Rose will now be a valuable member of FSC timber worldwide; Managing Director Borge Leth added “With each piece of FSC furniture Alexander Rose sell, the buyer and Alexander Rose help support more than its staff or employees – it helps to sustain a community in Bolivia. CIMAL/IMR employee 2,500 local workers and use up to 9,000 sub contractors in its operations. The Roda Group has three divisions related to its forestry management; ESCR, managing its forests; CIMAL, managing sawmills and kilns; and IMR, manufacturing its wood flooring and furniture. The Roda Group wants to enter the European market after a successful venture into the US market in 2008, and decided Alexander Rose was the right company to enable them to succeed in Europe. In turn this will see Alexander Rose products being sold to the America market, making them one of the bigger international garden furniture suppliers. Alexander Rose has been manufacturing and supplying furniture for 16 years, the company ambition has always been to become a leader in the industry with innovation and excellence. The company started in 1994 manufacturing products using Iroko hardwood from Ghana, with 36 pieces in the range including tables, chairs, and benches. Now in 2011 Alexander Rose produces over 300 items of furniture, consisting of 4 types of hardwood furniture using Teak, Mahogany, Karri and Pine FSC certified timber. Alexander Rose also manufactures woven/wicker furniture, stainless steel combined with Teak, Glass and Granite.