Aftercut Lawncare – A Dream Come True For Gardeners

It is a dream come true for gardeners – a product that is easy to use, makes your lawn greener, more healthy and cuts the number of times you need to mow.

Little wonder that since its launch, Aftercut has been a key factor in attracting more gardeners to use lawn feeds than any other product – and each season more of Britain’s 15 million+ lawn owners join the Aftercut revolution.

Aftercut Lawn Feed & Conditioner is a carefully balanced granular formulation of micronutrients that is applied after cutting.  Its new and improved formula has a dual layered fertiliser technology.  This delivers improved greening and stronger, thicker growth in just three days and all without the risk of scorching the lawn.   

Aftercut is available in three pack sizes feeding 100 square meters, 285 or 500 square meters of grass.   It is also available in a special Handheld Spreader pack that will cover 100 square metres of lawn.

“Aftercut is a genuine innovation for gardeners.  For 2010 the brand is supported by a £1.3 million TV advertising campaign to encourage more of them to join the growing band of happy Aftercut users. We will also be launching an on-line lawn art promotion that enables gardeners to use the greening value of Aftercut to create their own individual designs,” says Westland’s head of marketing, Keith Nicholson.

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