Aftercut Even Flo wins packaging award by making life easier for customers

The UK Packaging Awards, held in November, voted the pack the Rigid Plastic Pack of the Year and also shortlisted it for the Best Re-Packaging of a Brand award.

Judges stated that the pack ‘made life just that little bit easier’ for customers who like to look after their lawns and that it was a ‘great pack that delivers on its promise.’

The Even Flo container, which is manufactured by RPC Containers, was launched at the start of 2013 to solve the problem of uneven distribution of grass seed.

The solution was a dispersing ball device fitted within the nozzle, allowing the user to spread the granules evenly with ease. The ball device is incorporated into the handle, which can be reused with Aftercut refill packs.

Keith Nicholson, Marketing Director for Westland Horticulture said: “The Aftercut Even Flo spreader was designed and implemented to make it easier for customers to achieve professional looking results themselves.

“We worked closely with RPC Containers to create something that was lightweight and truly effective in spreading lawn seed evenly. We are delighted that this has been recognised at the UK Packaging Awards.”

The Aftercut Even Flo container has already won a Starpack Award of Excellence earlier this year.

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