Aegean & Corsican collection goes on-line !

Building on the success of their 2012 marketing campaign, Sales Director Nigel Guffogg said: “ Our intention is to provide the consumer with the option of purchasing these products from a number of various sources. These also include garden centres and assigned distributors.  These products will stand temperatures of -40 degrees and are produced with a mix of 75% clay and 25% recycled plastic.”

Fusion of warm colours

These are a new and exclusive collection of designs inspired by combining a fusion of warm Mediterranean colours.  The Aegean bowls are available in 10 elegant colours and the Corsican range combines a mixture of designs in strong earthy colours. Nigel continues “This product range encompasses both contemporary and modern designs, some of which are both hand finished and hand painted. These fulfil a need to provide something different and unique, which will evolve over the coming years.”

The company’s catalogue is available on request, and can also be downloaded from