Grange was established around the time of the birth of modern science fiction, Jules Verne’s “From the Earth to the Moon” was published in 1865 and the godfather of the genre, H.G. Wells, was born only one year later in 1866. So they celebrate their own anniversary this year in very good company and have introduced some of their own 21st century classics to mark the occasion.

From a humble start producing and erecting fencing in the Newport area of Shropshire, Grange are now the largest manufacturer of fencing panels in the country, producing over 2,900 miles of fencing and trellising in 2007, enough to stretch from London to Kuwait City. But, they do not stop there, being innovators of many new product trends in their industry such as the first to introduce laminated components into fencing panels, allowing for more imaginative designs, the first to go totally FSC certificated, the first to introduce a mass produced circular pergola, which features on the front cover of their 2008 brochure and much more.

In keeping with the science fiction theme, Grange have selected the biggest scientific success to date – “landing a man on the moon” – to represent the large strides they have made in the last 140 years. However, none of this would have been possible without their customers who they would like to thank for their support over the years. To show their appreciation they will be running a number of celebratory promotions and will continue to improve on their service levels, which are already best in class.

For details of these and other Grange Products and the full stockist support programme please contact them on

01952 588088 or e-mail sales@grangefencing.co.uk