11th annual FlowerTrials® open-days event 11 -14 th June

This year’s showcase sees 41 companies including Syngenta FloriPro Services host an exciting event that provides a complete overview of existing, new and future assortment of pot and bedding plants.

The main theme of FlowerTrials® 2013 is Closer to you, which symbolises Syngenta FloriPro Services’ dedication to be ‘close to the grower’ with its commitment to offering a high-quality distribution service and industry-leading genetics.

FlowerTrials® 2013 will see the doors open at the Syngenta Seeds Young Plant Production Centre in De Lier, The Netherlands. Participants can expect to see an extensive selection of new varieties including annuals grown from seed and cuttings with a wide selection of pot or bedding plants.  There will also be a special area devoted to Pelargoniums, in which visitors will have the chance to see new varieties in the popular Pelargonium zonale Tango® and Pelargonium interspecific Calliope® series’.

Other exciting new varieties Canna indica F1 – Cannova, Impatiens hawkeri F1 – Florific, Petunia multiflora F1 – Damask, Dianthus plumarius Dixie® Series, Erysimum linifolium Super Bowles Mauve, Lavandula stoechas Javelin Compact Rose and Lavandula stoechas Javelin White Blush will also be on view in June.

As a partner to many of the world’s leading plant and flower breeders the Syngenta FloriPro Services event programme will feature a “Breeders’ Showcase”.  The showcase allows numerous breeders to display the finest examples from their product lines.

Attendees can look forward to speaking directly with experts and also take site tours around the Young Plant Distribution Production (tours are strictly first come first served).

“FlowerTrials® 2013 is a unique four-day event that brings all the industry professionals together to share experiences, knowledge and ideas.  It is also a great opportunity for us to showcase what we have to offer and respond to a constantly evolving marketplace,” says Jodie Vale, Marketing Manager FloriPro Services.

FlowerTrials® 2013 will be of interest to those from every part of the flower supply chain, but especially growers, retailers and agents.

More information about FlowerTrials® 2013, and how to take part, can be found at http://www.flowertrials.com/.